1981 - Continuation of 178's return. The convention "convoy" consisted of

Car One, Muni #130, PCC 1006 and the 178. Convention attendees boarded

the car both at 2nd & Market, followed by boarding at Transbay Terminal.

When the 178 departs Transbay Terminal, it has a full standing load, the first

time it carried such a load since 1958. Note how carefully Jack Smith handles

the car, as it descends the Terminal ramp onto Fremont Street.




1981 - PCC sailing along 19th Avenue.




1983 - Maurice Klebolt is operating the 3557 during the first

Historic Trolley Festival.




1982 - Some PCC action at 18th Street.



1982 - September, 1982. This was the last derailment during the

weekend known as the "End Of An Era" when the PCC's were

completely withdrawn from service. Shown at 11th & Market.