1982 - A televised interview with Peter Ehrlich as part of the "End of an Era" presentation.




September 21, 1982. While the last PCC's in public service and several private charters

operated on the previous weekend, the last actual PCC to operate on

Market Street of the Era occurred on the night of Sept 21st. Car 1034

is shown here departing a very dark Geneva carbarn, and its final

trip down Market Street. 1034 returned to Geneva at approximately

3 AM, thereby putting a final end of PCC service.




1983 - The tracks on Market Street sat unused through the winter,

gathering rust from disuse. In the early hours of June 14, 1983,

several streetcars ventured down Market Street as a training

run, marking the early preparations for the first Historic Trolley

Festival. Here we see the effects of disuse as the cars leave

Market Street at Duboce, in front of the SF Mint.




August 25, 1985 - While not a PCC operation, a charter took place

using Boeing LRV's 1212 and 1213, MU'ing together on Market

Street. This is the only known MU operation in the 105+ years of

Market Street trolley service. The LRV's had their trolley poles

reinstalled especially for this service. While traversing Market Street, both

pantographs were tied down to prevent their accidental activation.